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Berta Vázquez, Vicky Luengo, Irene Escolar

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In Barcelona (Catalonia, northeast to Spain), Manel is a neurotic scientist obsessed with the idea that the three laws of thermodynamics rules the daily life of all people, writing a thesis about it while he works as teacher assistant in the university. His happy life with his long-time girlfriend Raquel ends the day that casually he crashes in the street at the same time with Elena (a sexy and famous top model), Eva (a beauty young lawyer who recently has opened her own law firm) and his friend Pablo (an Argentinian CEO of an advertising company and an unstoppable womanizer). After the incident, Manel breaks up with Raquel and he starts dating with Elena, at the same time that Pablo dates Eva. Meanwhile Pablo and Eva’s relation is based only in casual sex without engagement, Manel and Elena lives an idyllic love story, but when it starts to give signals to worse, Manel’s neurosis frustrates Elena as well as his compulsive behaviors, in his belief that all is by cause of the thermodynamics. Breaking up with him, Eva leaves Manel, and this one passes the time trying to recover her while Pablo, after to have an accident falling from a double-decker bus in a party, tries to recover Eva, who broken up him after to make a threesome they did with another girl. Interspersed throughout all movie with talking of real scientists whose explain all about science, the laws of thermodynamics that rule the universe from the Big Bang and the scientists whose discovered it along the history, Pablo questions himself after to realize Eva’s pregnant, trying to know if he can be husband and family father, and Manel questions himself if he can restore his previous life with Elena, or if the thermodynamics will make impossible the reconciliation. —Chockys

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