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Ken Masters and his two musical pals, Shanty and Curley, are idiling around when ranch owner Big Jim Edwards, his daughter Alice, and his foreman Bart Hawkins, come to town with the news that the Strawberry Roan, a wild stallion, is on the rampage again and luring Big Jim’s mares to join his wild herd. He offers any cowboy a job who will help him round-up the wild herd and Ken, Shanty and Curley sign up. Cattleman Colonel Brownlee also offers his prize ranch to the man who is good enough to ride the Strawberry Roan and Ken resolves to try for the prize.(The Colonel either had more ranches than he knew what to do with or was counting on the horse not being caught or not being rode when and if caught.Anyway it moved the plot along). After being chased all over by Ken and his horse Tarzan, Alice is the one who ropes the horse. Well, so much for being uncatchable. They bring him to the corral, where Bart warns Ken to stay away from Alice. The riding contest the next day is a complete victory for the Roan who throws all comers and is about to kill Curley before Tarzan leaps into the corral and fights off the savage stallion. Bart and his henchmen plan to steal the ranch herd, and wear down the Roan with torture so that Bart can ride him, and win the ranch.But Ken interferes and the Roan gets away, only to return and lead the herd in a destructive raid on the ranch.Colonel Brownlee, possibly in an attempt to hedge his bet, and Edwards decide that the Roan must be captured and killed. Ken thinks otherwise. The Realart reissue through Film Classics has a couple of cast errors in the re-done credit frames.But one of them is not listing Leon Schlesinger as a producer of the film, which some vastly uninformed source says he was. Mercy, where do they come up with such misinformation, and why do they put it in print? —Les Adams

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0 English subtitle Strawberry Roan 1933 WEBRip XviD MP3-XVI DOWNLOAD

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